Young Artist Scholarship at Brandeis-Bardin Collegiate Insitute

The Young Artist Scholarship

The JMCLA Young Artist Scholarship at the Brandeis-Bardin Collegiate Institute enables young artists to attend this remarkable institute. Each Young Artist spends up to one month participating in the many programs designed to promote understanding of the tenets and practices of Judaism in a non-denominational setting. This renowned summer program, directed by a notable faculty of scholars, brings together college-age musicians from the United States, Canada and Israel. JMCLA offers the scholarship to enlarge the palette with which the young artist will be able to express his or her music with new insights gained in this rich Jewish environment. For more information about the Young Artist Program at the Brandeis-Bardin Collegiate Institute, please visit their website at

The Scholar-in-Residence Program

Composers and artists, leaders in their fields, share their experience and expertise each summer with the students enrolled in the Young Artists Program at the Brandeis-Bardin Collegiate Institute in Simi, California. In past years JMCLA has underwritten Scholar-in-Residence participants including: Yale Strom, composer, artist, film maker, director, producer, leading authority on the music of the Jewish communities in Eastern Europe; Yuval Ron, Oscar-winning composer, artist, lecturer, prominent figure in World Music and the sacred music and mystical traditions of the Middle East, and others.