Jewish Music Competitions

Image of Julie Silver and Doug Cotler playing at Jewish Music Comptetions

For 20 years, JMCLA funded the Jewish Music Competition – encouraging composers to create new works in a particular realm of Jewish music. Competition winners are awarded cash prizes and JMCLA organizes public performances of the newly created works

Competition Winners

Year	Prize	Composer			Title
2000		Andrea Clearfield 		Song of Ruth
2000	First 	Rick Recht 			Mi Chamocha 
2000		Dwight Stone 			Awake, Awake 
1998	Second 	Yefim Adler 			David and Batsheva/Fantasia for Violin 
1998	Second 	Sandra Shanin Lasarow 		As the Leaves Turn to the Sun 
1998	First 	Martin Kalmanoff 		Lullaby for an Ancient Grandfather 
1998	First 	Gilbert Trout 			Hulyet 
1995	Second 	Deborah Levoy 			Little Black Ribbons 
1995	First 	Aaron Kaplan 			We're Coming Home 
1995	Third 	Larry Midler 			My Hebrew Name 
1994	First 	Judah Shluker 			Wandering Hearts 
1994	Second 	Daniele Cabib 			HaSharav VeHachalom/Avlame Kerida 
1994	Third 	Cara Freedman 			Chanukah History 
1994	Third 	Mark Bloom 			Tikkun Olam 
1993	Third 	Ruth Lopez-Yanez 		The Dreidl Sing Along 
1993	First 	Jakob Ciring 			Galizianer 
1993	First 	Amnon Wolman 			Sealed Room/Cheder Atum 
1993	Second 	Eva Monzigo 			Gut Vokh 
1993	First 	Michael Eilas 			Kate's Dream 
1993	First 	Stephen Weinstock 		The Arc 
1993	Second 	Lionel Semiatin 		B'reishit 
1992	First 	Lanny Meyers 			Erev Shabbat: The Evening of the Sabbath 
1992	Third 	Hannah Levy 			V'Ahavta 
1992	Second 	Alan Chapman 			Promised Land 
1991	First 	Aharon Harlap 			Cain and Abel 
1990	Third 	David Polansky 			Hannukah Tarantella 
1989	First 	Tom Benjamin 			Khazak V' Amatz 
1988	First 	Tom Benjamin 			Vayero (score) 
1988	First 	Sandra Shanin Lasarow 		Samuel, My Son 
1988	First	Abraham Cohen 			Three Songs for Women 
1986	First	Lawrence Goldberg 		A Test of Faith 
1985	First 	Joseph Weiss 			Sound Thee Two Trumpets 
1983	First	Joseph Kantor 			Tower of Babel