Helfman Institute Fellows Begin Exploration of the Psalms

The Fellows of the Helfman Institute are going full steam ahead!  On Wednesday, June 2, 2010, Cantor Phil Baron introduced Dr. Miriyam Glazer, Professor of Literature and Chairman of the Department of Communicative Arts and Advocacy at the American Jewish University.  She presented a passionate and dramatic overview of her favorite topic - the Psalms of the Jewish Liturgy.  Author of a newly-published book on that subject, she led the group to a deeper understanding of the beauty, power and meaning of the Psalms, and of the wide diversity of their mood and subject, even within the same Psalm. Continuing the exploration of the Psalms as a source of inspiration, Dr. Michael Isaacson played recordings of Psalms by Robert Starer, Yehudi Wyner, Herbert Fromm, Leonard Bernstein, and some of his own works.  Using his remarkable analysis of the variety of styles used in these pieces, he drew the Fellows into an energy-filled discussion of how they might use the Psalms in their own writings. A really exciting evening!