Julie Bernstein

Julie with her kids

I particularly love writing choral music, and hope to be able to contribute to this tradition in my unique voice.

Julie Bernstein is active as a composer, arranger and orchestrater in both the concert world and commercial music. In addition to her all-encompassing work in animation, her orchestral concert music has been performed by the COTA Symphony and the Foundation for New American Music. Her vocal arrangements have been performed by the USC Chamber Singers, Mastersingers Holiday Entertainment and Aleta Braxton's gospel chorus.

Julie's voice can be heard on the jazz albums Ms. Behavin’ (Liz Kinnon) and Pi (Christopher Neal Nelson). She has also sung on numerous animated series including Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Histeria! and Make Way for Noddy. Julie has worked extensively with actors in vocal music sessions, teaching and conducting her songs. She was the music director and pianist for the Group Repertory Theater’s production of Of Thee I Sing, and she wrote the incidental music for performance artist Erica Batdorf’s Mr. Raisin Head and Kid. Julie won the 1996 Network Award for Music Package/Sound Design for her work as arranger and orchestrator of the Warner Brothers interstitial Crazy Careers.

She has been nominated for two Annie awards and 16 Emmys. Julie has won four Emmy awards for her work on Histeria! and Animaniacs.

Composition Created as Part of Fellowship
Shalom Rav
Performed by: 
Lenore Rukasin, sop; VBS choir; Piano