Shabbat Shira x 3 - A Presentation of the Helfman Fellows

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Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 7:30pm - Monday, January 28, 2013 - 7:30pm
Friday, January 27th, VBS; Saturday 28th, Temple Aliya; Sunday 29th, Wilshire Boulevard Temple



The Max Helfman Institute for New Jewish Music presents a totally new Shabbat experience. 

In a demonstration of long-standing of cooperation, cantors from three prominent Los Angeles synagogues, Cantor Phil Baron of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, Cantor Mike Stein of Temple Aliya in Woodland Hills, and Cantor Don Gurney of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, have joined together for Shabbat evening and Shabbat morning services and again for a Sunday evening concert, all consisting entirely of exciting new Jewish music composed by the Fellows of the Institute.

The music covers a wide range of styles and genres that share one characteristic – they are all unmistakably Jewish.  The music for Friday night and Saturday morning follows the order of the service; Sunday night is a more free-ranging concert.

This Shabbat Shira will be an unforgettable opportunity to hear new Jewish music in two different synagogues and to visit the newly restored Wilshire Boulevard Temple for the Sunday evening concert.

Tickets are not required for any of the three events!

The Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles is proud to lend our support to this ground-breaking program.


Friday – 1/25/13 at Valley Beth Shalom

Valley Beth Shalom choir under the direction of Dr. Noreen Green

Shalom Aleichem – James Fuchs
Y'did Nefesh – Michael Mogley
Ahavat Olam (Jazz) – Chris Hardin
Bar'chu – Phil Baron
Hashkiveinu –Bob Remstein
V'shamru – Michael Gill
Chatzi Kaddish – Michael Silvershir
Adonai al Mayim Rabim – Karmit Bar-Lev
Arthur Szyk - In Tribute – Richard  Friedman
Moses and the Rock – Bob Remstein
Adoration – Aaron Fruchtman
Adon Olam – Michelle Green Willner

Saturday – 1/26/13 at Temple Aliyah

Shabbat Shira Choir under the direction of Chis Hardin

Elohai N'shama – James Fuchs
Y'varech'cha – Rebekah Mersky
Prayer for the New Month – Rita Glassman
Psalm 29 – Michael Mogley
Eytz Chayim – Aaron Fuchs
Prayer for Israel – Karmit Bar-Lev
K'dushah – Paul Dorman
L'dor Vador – Mike Stein
Yism'chu – Chris Hardin
Ein Keloheinu –Michael Gill
Adoration – Aaron Fruchtman
Siman Tov – Phil Baron
Adon Olam – Michelle Green Willner
Moses and the Rock – Bob Remstein (this will be done at the Tish after the service)

Sunday – 1/2713 at Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Shabbat Shira Choir under the direction of Chis Hardin

It's Happening – Bob Remstein
The World Must End Tonight – Micheal Silvershir
Prayer for Peace – Michelle Green Willner
Miriam –David Kates
Arthur Szyk - In Tribute– Richard Friedman
L'dor Vador – Mike Stein
Adon Olam – Joshua Fishbein
Ahavat Olam (duet) – Chris Hardin
Siman Tov – Phil Baron
Personal Meditation – Sharon Farber
Elohai N'shama – Chris Hardin
Moses and the Rock – Bob Remstein
Sim Shalom – Paul Dorman