RUTH - An Oratorio by Aminadav Aloni

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Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 10:00am
Valley Beth Shalom 15739 Ventura Boulevard Encino, CA 91436

Valley Beth Shalom and the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles are proud to present RUTH – the moving oratorio by Aminadav Aloni, telling the story of the holiday of Shavuot (Pentacost). The celebration of the holiday begins that night, and this performance takes place during the morning Shabbat Service.

Ruth was commissioned in 1986 by Rachael Guth, MD, in memory of her mother, Shiphrah Sherr Klonymus (z”l)

The Cast:

Ruth - Hallie Weiner
Naomi - Phyllis Fleschler
Boaz – John Guest
Kinsman - Yoav Paskowitz
Lad - Gerry Noriega
Narrator – Cantor Perryne Anker

Choirs – Valley Beth Shalom Congregational Choir is joined by members of the American Jewish University Choir


Barbara Barishman
Sylvia Bernstein-Tregub
Bonnie Brockman
Donna Cohen
Hannah Goodman
Annie Gross
Julie Madorsky
Paula Meichtry
Roseanne Moscoe
Lenore Rukasin
Fay Wernick


Rita Behling
Phyllis Fleschler
Elaine Gill
Susan Goldman
Michal Kerestes
Cyndy Koepcke
Marcia Pollak
Marcy Rainey
Andrea Roberts
Ellie Simon
Joyce Sindell


David Gill
Michael Scott Harris
Gerry Noriega
William Koepcke
David Pardess


Richard Braun
Stephen Fleschler
Steve Hoisch
Allan Levine
Yoav Paskowitz
Don Rosen


Instrumental Ensemble

Flute – Martin Glicklich
French Horn – John Mason
Cello – Garik Terzion
Cello – Kevin Torfeh
Keyboard – Chris Hardin

Conductor – Dr. Noreen Green

The four chapters are each in a different trope (cantillation), selected by Mr. Aloni from the Italian, Moroccan, Sephardic and Ashkenazic communities. 

The women’s chorus sings in Hebrew and serves as a “Greek chorus”; the men’s chorus is in English. 

The ballad, “Don’t Ask Me To Leave You”, has become one of Mr. Aloni’s most popular compositions and is often sung at weddings.

Valley Beth Shalom, Saturday, 10 AM, June 11, 2016

There is no fee to attend. Reservations are not required.


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Photo of Ruth, Boaz, Naomi
Photo of A Painting of Ruth with Boaz and the Lad
Photo of Cast, Conductor, Choir, Orchestra
Photo of Lad, Ruth, Naomi
Photo of Narrator, Ruth