FACING THE STORM: Seventh Annual Interfaith Symposium & Concert

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church
Comment from attendee: Wow, another superb afternoon! I love the sequence of thematic art and music, with dialectic discussion sandwiched between. I missed the children’s art this year, but in an important way that was good, since it was easier to digest the program without the children’s art (which really needs its own full block of time). I am also touched that we are in a time and place where such interdenominational activities are feasible. It reminds me in one small way what to be grateful about, even in anxious times. How differently the three faiths address the questions a person may bring to them who are in a bad place because of economic, social or moral/ethical disruptions of their life situations. Rabbi Feinstein posed several situations and asked them to tell how they would approach them. Really different - I'm so impressed again with Rabbi Feinstein's ability to draw these people out, how fabulously Rabbi Schulweis contrasts the Jewish vs Christian approaches to "sin" and how really smart David Worth and Father Smith are. I loved the interchange! And not by the way, the music was stunning!
Symposium - Feinstein, Tanton, Schulweis, Smith, Strimple, Worth; Concert - Nick Strimple, Director. Music of Songs of Ascent from Goudimel, Novakowsky, Palestrina, Genevan Psalter, Harant, Duffy*, Isaacson*, Traditional Hebrew and Cantillation, Hohvaness, Strimple, Bar-Lev*, Lowenstein, Mogley*, Parry. (First Performance*) Cantor Joseph Gole, tenor; Nele Nikolaeva, violin; Haesung Park, organ; Ayana Haviv, Soprano; Tali Tadmor, piano; Paul Kujawsky, tof; Lauren Buckley; soprano; Cantor Judy Dubin Aranoff, alto; Marc Lowenstein, tenor; Emily May, soprano; Charlene Chi, mezzo-soprano; Cale Olsen, baritone. LA Zimriyah, BHPC Chancel Choir, LAVIE, Choral Society of So. Cal.