Ami Aloni Tribute Concert and CD Release

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 7:30pm
Valley Beth Shalom 15739 Ventura Boulevard Encino, CA



New and Original interpretations of Ami's Music
featuring appearances by
Sam Glaser and Artists from the CD
Cantors Hershel Fox and Phil Baron
Valley Shalom Congregational Choir, Chris Hardin directing

Aminadav Aloni (1929 - 1999), was music director and composer-in-residence at Valley Beth Shalom for almost 30 years.  His music has become widely-recognized in synagogues and concerts.  Now, the leading artists in today's Jewish music scene have recorded a compact disc of Ami's favorites in today's sounds and styles, brilliantly produced by Sam Glaser.  In celebration of the release of this new recording, we are presenting a concert in tribute to Ami, featuring appearances by many of the recording artists from the CD, Cantors Hershel Fox and Phil Baron and the Valley Shalom Congregational Choir, directed by Chris Hardin.  The concert will demonstrate how the new and original interpretations of Ami's music resonate with audiences of all generations, and how Ami's music will be alive for future generations to enjoy.  MAY THE OLD BE RENEWED AND THE NEW BE SANCTIFIED!

Tickets: $10 in advance; $15 at the door

For information and reservations, call Valley Beth Shalom at (818) 788-6000. Reservations close at 3 PM on June 26th.

If you wish to donate to help support this project, please call the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles at (818) 907-7194 or email at

Comments on Aloni Tribute Concert


The Aloni concert/music...then and now... was a real tribute to the dynamic quality of Ami's genius.
Good for you for making this all possible. I look forward to enjoying the CD.

Sylvia Bernstein-Tregub


Hi Dick....WELL, I enjoyed the Wednesday Aloni program very much,  both sitting in the audience and listening to the wonderful jazz musicians and other singers and our cantors, and certainly as always, enjoyed singing Ami's compositions. Hopefully, we'll have more Aloni evenings at VBS giving us more opportunities to learn/sing Aloni's music...always a great thrill.

Robb Rosenbaum


I was so happy to be a part of the choir for this concert. It always makes me feel good when I sing Ami's music.

Two of my many favorite memories of Ami are:

1. We were gathering to warm up in Winer Chapel before singing a Shabbat morning service, when Ami said that he had written a new piece that we needed to learn and sing later that morning as part of the service. So, during the Torah reading, we went into a classroom to learn the new piece, Misheberach, which we later sang for the first time in a service. It is a beautiful piece of music, and I remember this each time we sing it now.

2.For several years, Ami would invite a group of us to his Laguna home just before Selichot. We would have a short rehearsal, eat and drink and socialize. Then, we would gather around the piano, and Ami would treat us to a preview of some of the new music he was composing. It was a taste of wonderful music that we all looked forward to singing.  Thanks for all you do.

Roseanne Moscoe


Effective, entertaining, enthusiastic, user-friendly, masterfully done.

Charles Silverberg


It’s immensely important that you did this.  Very well done.

Rabbi Schulweis


Really loved it – Irv Weintraub


Thanks, Richard! I bought the CD that night not to wait! I just wanted to thank you and the Commission for a most enjoyable and moving program. May you and the commission go from strength to strength!

Best wishes, Marty Stempel


The concert was terrific!  Thanks for all you do.



I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Concert of Ami’s Music last week.I also realized how fortunate we have been to have such a high level of Music in our lives at VBS over many years.

Stuart M. Solomon, CPA

The concert showcasing the brilliant music of Ami Aloni was outstanding.    We had a wonderful evening and are already enjoying the CD.  What a privilege to have been able to attend.  Thank you so much.

Linda and Al Rosenblatt





Sam Glaser, Producer

Chris Hardin, Director of VBS Choir


  1. Ana Hashem                                                 VBS Choir           
  2. Refaeynu                                                      Todd Herzog           
  3. Mikimi                                                            Ashira Hamilton           
  4. Pitchu Li                                                        Craig Taubman           
  5. Avinu Shebashamayim                                 Sam Glaser           
  6. Etz Chayim                                                    Herschel Fox           
  7. Don’t Ask Me To Leave You                          Judy Fox           
  8. V’shamru                                                       VBS Choir
  9. Mi Chamocha                                                Kenny Ellis
  10. Ahavat Olam                                                  Phil Baron and VBS Choir
  11. Modim                                                            Kathy Robbins           
  12. Blind Man’s Bluff                                            Katisse Buckingham           
  13. Hodo al Eretz                                                 Sam Glaser            
  14. Hodu L’Adonai                                                Dick Braun          
  15. Adonai, Adonai                                               Todd Herzog           
  16. Shalom Rav                                                    Ashira Hamilton           
  17. Go Eat Your Bread With Joy                           Rachel Reich Freed, Phil Baron, VBS Choir
  18. Don’t Ask Me To Leave You (Reprise)            Cast, VBS Choir                      

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Photo of Todd Herzog
Photo of Alisha Hamilton
Photo of Herschel Fox
Photo of Craig Taubman
Photo of Rachel Reich Freed
Photo of Cantor Baron,VBS Choir, Chris Hardin conducting
Photo of Katisse Buckingham
Photo of Cantor Baron,VBS Choir
Photo of Dick Braun
Photo of Judy Fox
Photo of Kenny Ellis
Photo of Sam Glaser