Being a Composer by Chris Hardin

Image of Chris Harden

Being a composer, or anything that requires creation for that matter, is a true test of one's ability to allow the outside world reach the inner most depths of your soul. In our case, being composers, we shut the world out for a period of time and reach inside to put on paper the notes that we feel best represents the mood, emotion or thought that we're after. 

We allow ourselves to become totally vulnerable to the public....handing over our "baby" for their use and critique. Some handle this effortlessly and others allow themselves to get all tied up in knots from the process. The Fellows of the Helfman group are a unique group of individuals. All of us enjoy success, at some level, and yet we all bring our music in for critique by people that we hardly know.

Granted, we were all brought together by one individual that knows each of us well which is why, I think, we allow this most amazing process to happen. A good composer has to have a certain amount of ego. You have to believe that your music is worthy.

That being said, each person in this group has left their egos at the door and participated willingly and with wonderful, helpful criticism for each person and piece that's been presented.

I've heard some outstanding ideas emerge from this group and, more importantly, I'm watching a wonderful growth and bond come from this experience. I truly hope it continues for a long time to come. Kol Hakavod to you all!